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Ubud Serayu Pot & Terracotta, The Instagrammable Spot in Ubud

Ubud Serayu Pot & Terracotta, The Instagrammable Spot in Ubud

Ubud is a favourite place to spend time by the tourists during holiday in Bali because it has many interesting spots with unique art which are suitable as a place for getting Instagrammable photo.

Serayu Pot & Terracotta is one of popular instagrammable spots in Ubud. You shouldn’t miss this spot during vacation in Bali for getting memorable memories in unique photo background.

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  1. Began From A Small Terracotta Pot Stall

    Instagrammable Photo Spot
    Instrammable Photo Spot - instagram/serayupot

Serayu Pot & Terracotta was established by Wayan Cameng, in 2008. It began from a small terracotta pot stall which sell various colourful-painted terracotta pots.

Its location is in strategic area of Ubud exactly at Jalan Gunung Sari, Peliatan. It is approximately 1.2 kilometers east from Puri Saren Palace (Center of Ubud).

  1. Serayu, A Name With A Deep Philosophy

    Colorful Painted Terracotta Pots
    Colorful Painted Terracotta Pots - instagram/serayupot

Accordding to the owner, the word “Serayu” comes from a name of river in India, which it has a deep philosophy that represent “life like a flowing river because it must be lived as we do it”.

Not only that, Wayang Cameng’s artwork each also has a deep philosophy so all terracotta pots don’t only have functional value but also aesthetic.

  1. Popular Spot For Instagrammable Photo

    Unique Terracotta Pots
    Unique Terracotta Pots - instagram/serayupot

Existence of the colourful-painted terracotta pots really impress visitor’s eyes. Some pots are laid out so neat and others are hang out with a rope.

At first, Serayu Pot & Terracotta was not as popular as now. It is well-known after the visitors shared their photo with the colourful terracotta pots background on Instagram, which draw attention of many peoples to visit.

For photography, the visitor isn’t charged an entrance ticket, in other word, it is free as you ask for permission before taking pictures.

  1. Learn to Draw The Terracotta Pot at Cameng’s Studio

    Drawing Pot
    Drawing Pot - instagram/serayupot

Besides photography, the visitor can join in drawing class with Wayan Cameng at Cameng’s Studio, which only cost USD $13 (adult) and USD $9 (children).

The class has a duration of 1.5 hours and includes pots (means for learning) and snack. It is only opened for 8 person minimum limit per session.

So, will you leave Ubud before visiting this instagrammable spot?

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