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Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Instabali, an activity package provider for quad bike adventure in Ubud. The best site to get adventure tour package with amazing tracks and impressive sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our adventure package is affordable and offers a lot of thrilling experiences to you. In the adventure, we will ride a quad bike to conquer some challenging obstacles along natural route with wet, muddy, and steep track. The route also gets through some stunning spots namely rice fields, a village, river tracks, a bamboo forest, and also a small jungle.

Conquer Challenging Tracks While Seeing Stunning Sceneries

Imagine how so exciting when pushing accelerator on a powerful quad bike to conquer wet, muddy, and steep terrains. It really pumps adrenaline rush. As long as adventure, your eyes will be impressed by stunning sceneries of a beautiful rural point, green forest, and rice paddies.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes quad bike (during 1.5 hours), safety equipment, professional guide, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage. Let’s explore beauty of the island in a fun and different way.

  • Single ATV IDR 350.000
  • Tandem ATV IDR 500.000
Note: the single package means one quad bike for one person, while the tandem means one quad bike for two persons.

  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional Instructor (Guide)
  3. Quad Bike Riding (1.5 Hours)
  4. Locker, Shower, Change Room

Personal Expense

  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Extra cash money
  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

Here is The ATV Adventure Spot in Ubud with Unforgettable Tracks

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Bali always offers a lot of fun tourism choices. Good for the tour alone, couple, and even groups. Visiting the beach and other beautiful places may be usual. Now, it's time you take a tour that is not monotonous and that's all.

Choosing the thrill of riding ATV maybe you can consider. One of the countryside that you can visit to ride an ATV is Ubud. Natural charm that is still natural makes anyone chuckle in admiration. Well, the best place to play ATV in Ubud is in the Village of Silakarang, Singapadu, Gianyar, Ubud, Bali.

By riding ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), you will be invited to explore the Silakarang Village. One of the ATV Spot in Ubud is very suitable for those of you who have an adventurous spirit. Because, there are many difficult terrains that must be passed. Starting from the village road, muddy ground, to the river.

Translate ke Bahasa Indonesia: Ini Dia Tempat Bermain ATV di Ubud dengan Trek yang Tak Terlupakan

Unforgettable ATV Riding Experience

ATV Ride in this village offers special adventure tours using four-wheeled bike. Well, this ATV is indeed a vehicle designed specifically for riding in difficult terrain.

Initially, ATV motorcycles were used for plantation operations. However, at this time the function has also been developed for adventure activities. It is also known as the Quad Bike. On this vehicle, you will be invited to take an off road adventure in a special way.

Ride ATV in Ubud Village

Traveling on ATV spots in Ubud is indeed a fun trip. If you are already accustomed to taking a tour on the Island of the Gods by visiting a variety of popular objects, this tourism activity might sound different.

Where to play ATV in Ubud is a real nature adventure. You are required to always ride ATV properly on various extreme fields. In fact, from exploring using this ATV, you can witness the beauty of the natural surroundings that are rarely exposed by tourists. This adventure offers a trip of 1 to 2 hours. Your satisfaction in conquering obstacles will be something special for the tour package provider.

Benefits of Playing ATV in Ubud

Ubud ATV Riding Tour

ATV Adventure are not just a vehicle for adrenaline. But there are a series of benefits that you will get when riding an ATV. Moreover, if you do it at the best ATV Spot in Ubud like in Silakarang Village.

  1. Improving Memory

Who would have thought if riding an ATV has the benefit to improve memory. This has an influence with the number of trajectories and new terrain that needs to be memorized. Thus, it requires brain performance. Memory also increases.

  1. Overcoming Stress

In the work environment, a lot of pressure that requires a person to work quickly and correctly. Thus, stress is very likely to occur. Playing ATV regularly can deal with stress because this activity is very fun.

Tandem ATV Ride Ubud
  1. Boosting Your Mood

Changing moods must be dealt with immediately, if not, it will lead to unstable psychological conditions. Now, when riding an ATV, your soul becomes loose so the mood becomes more organized.

  1. Being More Confidence

Extreme activities such as ATV adventure actually help one to increase self-confidence. Because, various difficult terrain you will face. Philosophy, such difficulties can only be dealt with, let alone life problems that have many alternatives.

  1. Cultivating Empathy

Empathy is needed by humans in everyday life. Through ATV, you can become a person who is more concerned with others. Because, in an ATV ride, cooperation is needed between one rider another. This will be very good for your psychic in a relationship with a new connection.

ATV Playground Tracks in Ubud

ATV Ride Activity in Ubud Bali

The ATV adventure spot in Silakarang Village is indeed famous for its exciting challenges. There are several types of tracks that will be passed by participants. What are there? Come on, see below so that your adventurous spirit is increasingly challenged!

  1. Rice Paddy Fields

Beautiful green rice fields are indeed an eye conditioner for travelers who come from the city. You who are used to struggling with pollution, traffic jams, and high routine will feel the new atmosphere at this ATV Adventure in Ubud. By using an ATV, you will pass the rice fields with the traditional activities of the surrounding community.

In Silakarang, the air is still very fresh with views of the rice field. Don't forget to invite friends, relatives, or family so that activities become more exciting.

  1. Rural Track

This time the track was not too challenging. Because, still in beautiful rural areas. You can see the main activities of the residents of Silakarang Village, Ubud, which in fact many work as statue craftsmen. You can also witness firsthand the friendliness of the locals who greet in true politeness.

Excitement in Bali ATV Ride
  1. River Track

It's not complete riding ATV without getting wet. This ATV spot in Ubud also offers a river course surrounded by a bamboo tree forest. Starting from here, the track is already uneven with winding and steep roads. Adrenalin will begin to be challenged in the path of the river and the bamboo forest.

Make sure you stay focused and be careful to avoid accidents. Use a helmet and glasses to avoid the branches of bamboo trees that might hurt the eye area.

  1. Steeped and Muddy Off-Road Lane

The challenge isn't over, there are still off-road tracks that force you to use a lot of energy and concentration. There are many climbs and descent with a surprising field. The winding and difficult road will become an adrenaline pump. In this track, you will feel closer to the wild.

You need to prepare a change of clothes because mud splashes will adorn the entire body. The challenge of muddy soil will be an unforgettable thing in this ATV Adventure.

If you have completed all the tracks and challenges. You will be invited back to clean yourself and rest. Take it easy, lunch is included in this tour package.

Because, in this ATV tour package includes:

  • Professional guides
  • Shower room facilities
  • Lunch
  • Safety facilities
  • Use of ATV Vehicles

So, you could say that the safety of our tour packages is guaranteed. Because, we have prepared various security facilities to be used. Also, your comfort while in the ATV Spot is maintained. However, to add to personal comfort, there are a number of objects that are recommended to be carried, namely:

  • Change clothes because your clothes will get dirty and wet when crossing the track
  • Sunscreen Cream to protect skin from sun exposure
  • Camera to capture this exciting moment
  • Sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun's glare and twigs of plants that may hurt the eyes

By choosing our ATV tour package, you will get many benefits. Certainly, we will match your vacation moments in a fun and anti-mainstream way. Come on, join right away and feel the surprises!

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