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Bali Quad Bike and Rafting Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Instabali, an adventure package provider for combination between quad bike riding and white water rafting in Ubud.

The best site to get adventure tour package with more challenging spot and stunning sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our tour package is at affordable price and includes all safety equipment and professional instructor for quad bike riding and white water rafting. Both adventures above are done at natural spots in Ubud, where features challenging obstacles, exciting thrills, and green sceneries.

A Double Combination of Adventures

Imagine how so amazing when doing two extreme activities in thrilling outdoor. There are a lot of unforgettable exciting experiences that you may have there. The quad bike adventure offers a thrill of riding and maneuvering along wet and muddy terrains. Its route also gets through rice field, traditional village, and small forest. Meanwhile, the white water rafting feature a thrill of boarding on an inflatable boat and navigating along rapid rivers with large rocks, medium stream, and also cascades. The existence of green forest, waterfall, and also unique stone carving will take off your eyes along the route.

Bali Quad Bike and Rafting Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes rafting and quad bike adventure, safety equipment, professional instructor, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage.

  • Safety Equipment
  • Professional Instructor (guide)
  • Quad Bike Riding Adventure (1.5  hours)
  • White Water Rafting Adventure at Ayung River (2 hours)
  • Locker, shower, and change room
  • Lunch

Personal Expense

  • Change of clothes
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglass
  • Sport shoes or sandal
  • Waterproof camera (optional)
  • Extra cash money
  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

Ubud Atv Riding and White Water Rafting (Double Combination)

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Atv Riding and White Water Rafting are two amazing adventures to do in Ubud – Bali, which the adventures are appropriate to try for those of you who want a holiday with fun thrills and more memorable experiences.

ATV Riding or also known as “Quad Bike Adventure” is an adventure on dirt route where you will ride a quad bike to conquer challenging obstacles such as: wet, muddy, and also steep terrains.

Meanwhile, the white water rafting is another adventure on river route where you must board on an inflatable boat and paddle kayak to navigate along the rapids with large rock, medium stream, and cascade.

Both adventure will be done in Ubud, the most popular countryside in the island for stunning nature sceneries and also unique arts and cultures

For those of you who want to join in these adventure, here we provide a double combination package between “ATV Riding Adventure and White Water Rafting” which it already include all you need such as transport service, safety equipment, experienced instructors, lunch, and insurance coverage.

ATV Riding Adventure on Challenging Dirt Route (1,5 hours)

Atv riding adventure features a thrilling route that gets through some tracks namely: rice fields, village, forest, river track, bamboo forest, and green jungle which all offers challenging obstacles and beautiful panorama.

Every rider is required to wear safety equipment as a helm and gumboots which all are already included in the tour package. The experienced instructor will introduce about operational of the atv bike and route situation before adventuring.

Ubud ATV Adventure in Green Forest

Then, the rider will do warming and simulate some basic techniques of riding the atv bike which like as riding a motorcycle which use a machine with semi-automatic transmission.

But, it is only different on accelerator in a shape of a button which can be pushed with a thumb of right hand.

The wet, muddy, and steep terrains will challenge you on river and bamboo forest tracks. While, the beautiful panorama may be seen along rice field and village tracks.

The instructor will accompany the riders along the route and help them if get a trouble along the route as getting stuck on mud puddle.

White Water Rafting on Thrilling River Route (2 hours)

White Water Rafting Ubud

White water rafting adventure is done on route of Ayung River, the most favorite spot that located in Ubud which it also features thrilling obstacles and also stunning panorama.

The spot has a route long of 10 kilometers with difficulty level in grade I – III which means there are large rocks, medium stream, and also cascade (under 4 meters) along the route.

Waterfall at Ayung River Spot

In addition, you can also get through green forest, waterfall and also unique stone carvings which may impress your eyes alongside the route. Particularly the stone carving, it looks so impressive and stretches 300 meters alongside of the river.

The full safety equipment such as a helm and jacket are also already prepared at the spot which it will worn before rafting, Then, the instructor (also known as guide river) will also tell about introduction of basic rafting techniques and also route situation.

Adventure While Enjoying Beautiful Panorama of Nature

Ubud White Water Rafting
Ubud White Water Rafting

In the double combination package, you can get memorable fun experiences between thrilling adventures and also get beautiful panorama. Don’t forget a camera to capture all moments.

You can even stop at a point along the route to take some photos in background such as rice field and village in ATV Riding Adventure or waterfall and unique stone carving in White Water Rafting Adventure.

Make sure your camera is completed with waterproof cover in order to protect by splashes of water along the route so that you can get more pictures without worrying about the damage in component of the camera.

Others Items to Bring

Stone Carving at Ayung River Ubud
Stone Carving at Ayung River Ubud

Beside camera, we also recommend you to bring:

  1. Change of clothes, to wear after adventuring or taking a shower.
  2. Sunblock, to prevent your skin become burnt by radiation of sun.
  3. Sunglass, to avoid eyes getting dust on dirt route or becoming dazzled by sunlight.
  4. Extra cash money for personal expense.

So, do you want to join in the amazing double combination? Please contact us for booking or asking any questions about adventure package.

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