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Bali Quad Bike Discovery Tours: Know These 7 Adventure Tips

Bali Quad Bike Discovery Tours: Know These 7 Adventure Tips

Having a vacation to Bali Island is a dream that almost every people wish. The island offers much fantastic charm of nature which is worth as an escape from the rush of daily routines.

Not only relaxing in nature and enjoying its scenery, you can also try many fun new adventures as a Bali Quad Bike Discovery Tours.

It is an outdoor activity which will challenge you in an exploration along thrilling track on quad bike (All-Terrain Vehicle) which the track will go throughout dirty and muddy terrains.

Atv Riding Bali
Atv Riding Bali

The tour can be got in a few the popular tourist points in Bali as one is Ubud Area. There are many providers of quad bike spot that you can choose.

Before trying it, remember that the activity is categorized as quite extreme adventure.

For getting safe and comfortable experience, you should know general knowledge about the quad bike adventure as the type of transmissions in the following.

2 Types of Quad Bike Transmissions

Quad Bike on a Muddy Track
Quad Bike on a Muddy Track

As the motorcycle which you maybe see on the street, the transmission system on quad bike is same as the motorcycle which has two different types of the transmissions such as: manual and automatic.

Each transmission type has a different operational procedure hence it’s so important to know before start to riding.

  1. Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is often applied as a sport bike which it requires you to shift the gear manually during riding the vehicles.

In operational, the riders must understand to use a clutch, a throttle, and a shift lever at same time appropriately.

The position of transmission gearshift must be in accordance on the terrain which will be passed as lower gear transmission to go up and higher gear to increase the speed on good track.

The transmission is really popular for they who are professional because of more powerful to conquer the track.

  1. Automatic Transmission

As name, the transmissions type will do all the work for the rider at the same time as using a clutch and shifting the gear automatically.

You just need to focus on the use of an accelerator and breaks without having to shift transmission at same time.

Hence, it is arguably easier to use than manual transmission and proper for beginner. The system transmission is usually applied in an automatic scooter.

Tips in Riding Quad Bike Easily

Quad Bike on Dirty Way
Quad Bike on Dirty Way

After knowing above, it’s time to find out tips when riding quad bike so that get a safe and fluent experience of quad bike tour. The following is some tips you should know and remember before having Bali Quad Bike.

  • Know About Basic Parts of Quad Bike

Before adventuring, you should know about a few basic part of vehicles such as: a break, a clutch, a throttle, and a transmission shift lever (if manual).

Remember their layout and know how to use each of them. Generally, all parts are similar to the motorcycles, it’s just different in the technique of riding.

  • Understand How to Operate it

After knowing about each basic part, that’s time to understand how to operate a quad bike. The operation is actually like as motorcycle but maybe the layout of parts as above are different.

Besides that, you should also know the kind of transmission as whether it’s automatic or manual.

  • Wear Fit Clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes is also important for the comfort during the adventure. Avoid the use of too tight clothes because may limit your movement and make an adventure experience become less exciting.

Otherwise use the clothes in fit size which make you become easy to move. Choose a set of clothes which make you’re willing to tarnish them because the track is muddy and wet.

So, prepare a set of cloth in bag to wear after finding the adventure. You surely don’t want to return back with dirty cloth, right?

Atv Adventure Bali
Atv Adventure Bali
  • Use the Equipment Rightly

Quad bike adventure is an extreme activity, the riders are required to use a helm and gumboots for protecting you during the adventure.

The items are usually prepared by the adventure providers before starting the adventure.

The equipment in fit size to you. As clothes, an unfit size of equipment will make your adventure become less comfortable and limit your movements.

  • Do Turning Correctly

Do turning in quad bike is different of riding a motorcycle. There is a specific technique in turning correctly.

When will to turn right, you must lean the body slight to the left. Otherwise, lean the body to right when turning right.

The technique is important to apply on quad bike and aims for avoiding the quad bike be turned upside down.

The Line of Quad Bike Rider
The Line of Quad Bike Rider
  • Keep the Speed as Terrain Type

During riding it, you are also required to notice your speed. Keep it throughout uphill and downhill tracks by applying a transmission gearshift (if it’s manual) and the breaks correctly.

Apply a lower transmission on slow and uphill track and the higher transmission on good track. The use of right transmission is very helpful to make your quad bike become more powerful with maximum.

  • Avoid Lowering the Legs

Perhaps you usually lower your legs when losing your balance on motorcycle. Avoid doing that when riding on quad bike!

Because, it can be fatal to yourself. The wheels may erode and injure the legs when lowering it particularly the vehicle is still running.

So, keep your legs on the treadles when you feel losing the balance to avoid the accident.

Bali Quad Bike Riding
Bali Quad Bike Riding

For having a safe and fun adventure, you should know a few the tips above. Make sure you always remember to apply the tips above in the adventure.

Perhaps you are felling confused where should can get a fun quad bike adventure or Bali Quad Canyon Tubing in the island. We recommend to you try it near Ubud Countryside as Silakarang and Payangan Villages.

The spots offer adventure choice which is proper for the beginner and includes the guide and safety equipment in the price. Have a safe and fun quad bike adventure in Bali!

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