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Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Instabali, an activity package provider for quad bike adventure in Ubud. The best site to get adventure tour package with amazing tracks and impressive sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our adventure package is affordable and offers a lot of thrilling experiences to you. In the adventure, we will ride a quad bike to conquer some challenging obstacles along natural route with wet, muddy, and steep track. The route also gets through some stunning spots namely rice fields, a village, river tracks, a bamboo forest, and also a small jungle.

Conquer Challenging Tracks While Seeing Stunning Sceneries

Imagine how so exciting when pushing accelerator on a powerful quad bike to conquer wet, muddy, and steep terrains. It really pumps adrenaline rush. As long as adventure, your eyes will be impressed by stunning sceneries of a beautiful rural point, green forest, and rice paddies.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes the pick-up and drop off service, quad bike (during 1.5 – 2 hours), safety equipment, professional guide, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage. Let’s explore beauty of the island in a fun and different way.

  • Single Package: USD $90 /person
  • Tandem Package: USD $120 / 2 persons
Note: the single package means one quad bike for one person, while the tandem means one quad bike for two persons.


  • Nusa Dua and Jimbaran: 08.30 – 09.00
  • Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian: 09.00 – 09.30
  • Canggu: 09.15 – 09.45
  • Sanur: 09.30 – 10.00
  • Ubud: 10.00 – 10.30


  • Nusa Dua and Jimbaran: 10.30 – 11.00
  • Kuta, Seminyak, and Legian: 11.00 – 11.30
  • Canggu: 11.15 – 11.45
  • Sanur: 11.30 – 12.00
  • Ubud: 12.00 – 12.30


  • 08:30 – 10:30: Pick up at your hotel
  • 11.00: Enjoy quad bike riding adventure (2 hours)
  • 13.00: Arrived at the finish point, take a shower and changes
  • 13.30: Lunch
  • 14.30: Return back to your hotel


  • 09:30 – 12:30: Pick up at your hotel
  • 13.00: Enjoy quad bike riding adventure (2 hours)
  • 15.00: Arrived at the finish point, take a shower and changes
  • 15.30: Lunch
  • 16.30: Return back to your hotel

  1. Transport Service (Pick Up and Return Back)
  2. Safety Equipment
  3. Professional Instructor (Guide)
  4. Quad Bike Riding (1.5 – 2 Hours)
  5. Locker, Shower, Change Room
  6. Lunch
  7. Insurance Coverage

Personal Expense

  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Extra cash money
  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

Join Quad Bike Riding Adventure in Bali – Only At USD $90

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Ubud is a famous village in Bali Island because it has many amazing tourist objects, namely:  Puri Saren Palace, Ubud Monkey Forest, Saraswati Temple, Ubud Art Market, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, and many mores.

Besides that, you can also try some fun activities when visiting the village. One of the most popular activities is quad bike riding adventure (also known as atv riding adventure).

Do you know about the quad bike riding adventure? It is an outdoor activity that will take you to ride on atv (all-terrain vehicle) and conquer some challenging tracks on the natural spot.

Bali quad bike adventure is recommended for those of you who want a holiday with memorable and challenging experiences.

Best Quad Bike Adventure in Ubud

Best Bali Quad Bike Tour
Best Bali Quad Bike Tour

Perhaps you want to get the best experience of the quad bike adventure in ubud, you can join with us (Instabali) to take an adventure day trip in Ubud.

We provide Bali Adventure Packages (quad bike riding, white water rafting, and river tubing) at affordable price, which all adventure take a spot in Ubud.

Especially for the quad bike riding package, it already includes all equipment that you probably need in the adventure. A good choice to get quad bike riding experiences without having to prepare any equipment

For those who are curious about what tracks that we will pass on quad bike route. You can find out more detail about the tracks below.

More Challenging Tracks

Bali Quad Bike Tour
Bali Quad Bike Tour

Route of the quad bike adventure is located in rural area of Ubud that offers more challenging tracks with stunning sceneries.

The challenging tracks consist of wet, muddy, and steep terrains which all may pump your adrenaline rush. At some point of the route, you can also see stunning sceneries that impress eyes.

The following are what you can see along the route of the quad bike adventure.

  1. See Stunning Rice Fields View

In the route, there is a rice field area that offers stunning view. You will ride a quad bike on the path between the rice fields while enjoying the view and cool atmosphere.

If you do adventuring on days before harvest season, then you can see the greenest view of rice paddies which really take off eyes.

Not only that, you can see some local farmers who still work on their rice fields by using traditional equipment.  For an example, use a sickle to cut the wild grasses.

You can even stop at some point to take some photos in rice field background. However, you should remember to bring a camera during the adventure.

  1. Go Through The Beautiful Village

Beside the rice field, the route of the quad bike also get through the beautiful village where you can see the activities of local peoples and also a Holy Hindus Temple while riding the quad bike.

Some local peoples usually come to the holy temple to do mebanten ritual by putting some Balinese offering (called as canang) on the holy place as a gratitude to the God.

You can also stop at outside area of the temple area if want to take some photos. Ask for help to our guide to take a picture. When taking a photo in the temple area, you should always be polite to the prayer as Balinese Culture.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure Ubud
Bali Quad Bike Adventure Ubud
  1. Ride on River Track

After the village, you will see a small river track where you can ride a quad bike and make water become splattered.

It is really fun and will make your clothes become wet and dirty. Therefore, we will recommend you to prepare a set of clothes for a change after adventure.

  1. Conquer on Jungle Track

And the last is jungle track, it offers more challenging dirt tracks where you ride the quad bike on the wet, dirty, and step terrains.

At some points, there is a puddle of the muds which may make wheels of your quad bike get stuck. Need a good riding skill to pass it.

However, don’t be worried if you get a trouble along track because our guide will come to help you along the track.

Quad Bike Tour Price in Ubud

Bali Quad Bike Riding
Bali Quad Bike Riding

There are 2 kind of the packages that you can choose to join in Bali quad bike adventure with us, as all of them are:

  • Single Package: USD $90 (One Person on a Quad Bike)

Single package means one quad bike will be used by one person. It is recommended for those of you who want to be a solo rider.

  • Tandem Package: USD $120 (Two Persons on a Quad Bike)

Tandem package means one quad bike will be used by two persons. One person will be a rider and another is a passenger who sit at the back.

It is more recommended for family activity or the parent who want to take their child join in the quad bike adventure. Limit age to join is between 7 years old and above. Under 17 years old can join to be a passenger.

Both packages above include complete facilities and service as below.

  1. Transport Service

We already prepare a car with a licensed driver to pick up you on the day when you will join to the quad bike adventure, and also return back after adventuring.

  1. Safety Equipment

For safety, we also already provide complete equipment to you. That consist of a helm and gumboots which all will be worn at starting point before adventuring.

  1. Guide (Instructor)

After wearing safety equipment, the guide will explain the quad bike route and the basic riding techniques. You will be also taken to warm up and simulate about riding the quad bike.

  1. Quad Bike Activity (2 hours)

The quad bike adventure probably takes 1.5 – 2 hours (depends how your speed in riding quad bike).

  1. Shower and Change Room

After adventuring, you can take a shower and also change clothes in a special private room near finish point. Make sure bring a set clothes for changing when joining the adventure.

  1. Lunch

Riding a quad bike really make you get tired and hungry. After changing clothes, we will enjoy a delicious lunch to recharge energy before returning back.

  1. Insurance Coverage

The package also includes an insurance that will cover every participant if get unexpected accident during the adventure.

Don’t Forget to Bring These Items

Bali Quad Bike Hire
Bali Quad Bike Hire

When joining in the adventure, you shouldn’t forget to bring some preparation to support your experience, which that consist of:

  1. Change of Clothes

Riding along the adventure tracks will make your clothes become wet and dirty so that you need to bring a set of clothes (a causal shirt, a pants, and underwear) for changing.

You can change wet and dirty clothes to clean clothes in a change room after taking a shower.

  1. Sunblock

You also need to bring a sunblock and apply it on skin before adventuring, so that your skin is protected by radiation effect of sunlight.

The sunblock can be easily got at minimarket near adventure spot. It usually costs Rp 25.000 – Rp 75.000 per bottle.

  1. Sunglass

Adventuring in the day really make your eyes become dazzled when riding quad bike. Hence, you need to bring sunglass to avoid your eyes become dazzle.

Besides that, the sunglass can also protect your eyes from getting dust along dirt tracks.

  1. Camera

There are a lot of beautiful moments that you have in the adventure. You can use a camera to capture all moment in a photo or video records.

We recommend to bring a camera in waterproof feature so that you don’t be worried if camera is splashed by the water or mud.

  1. Cash Money (optional)

Need to note that the package don’t include personal expanse (souvenir or additional food). We really recommend you to bring cash money for your personal expanse.

The Recommended Activities to Combine

Perhaps you want to get long experience, you can combine the quad bike adventure with other fun activities in Ubud, namely:

  1. Ayung Rafting Adventure
    Bali Ayung Rafting Adventure
    Bali Ayung Rafting Adventure

Rafting adventure or white water rafting is an activity that challenge you to navigate along the river by boarding on inflatable boat and use a paddle.

You can do rafting on the route of Ayung River, the most favourite spot in Ubud that has a long of 10 kilometre and offer beautiful sceneries of green forest, waterfall, and also unique stone carving.

From start point to finish, it probably take 1.5 – 2 hours. You must maneuver between large rocks and conquer cascades on the river route.

It is really fun while seeing the beautiful sceneries of the green forest, the waterfall, and the stone carving on the side of the river.

Among of the sceneries, the stone carving is the most wanted by the rafter. It is created by 50 local artists, stretches 300 meters alongside the river, and illustrate the Ramayana Story.

The rafting can be combined with the quad bike adventure into a double combination day tour.

  1. Ubud Tubing River Adventure
    Bali Tubing River Adventure
    Bali Tubing River Adventure

Tubing Adventure is also done on the route of the river as rafting. But, it only use a smaller inflatable boat (like a shape of doughnut) that can be boarded by one person.

Along the route, you must board the boat and maneuver to follow the stream. It is exciting because you can also see the beautiful green panorama alongside of the river.

For safety, every participant is required to wear a helm and a lifejacket which both are prepared by the adventure operator. So, you don’t need to prepare the equipment.

So, are you interested to join in the adventure? If, yes. Please, contact us via below for booking quad bike adventure package.

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