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2 Start Points of Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk (Bali)

Ubud is not only popular for authentic cultures and arts but also beautiful natural spots as one is Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Campuhan Ridge Walk, Best Trekking Spot in Ubud

Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is also known as “Bukit Campuhan” by local people, a ridge that stretches out approximately 2 kilometers from north to south.

The ridge is flanked between 2 rivers, namely: Oos River and Cerik River. And it looks like long bridge from the top.

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Many visitors often do as a spots for jogging and trekking because the ridge is facilitated by footpaths along it.

Most of them choose to visit in the morning (before 10.00 am) and afternoon (after 16.00 pm), to get more shady situation and see sunset and sunrise view.

Where to Start Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge in Ubud - Via @pinterest/She Wanders Abroad

The ridge is located in point near Ubud Central, but its entrance is hidden and makes some peoples feel confusing about where to start the ridge walk.

There are 2 start points to choose, as south point and north point.

  1. The Start Point from South

It can be reached easily from Ubud Center, you can driver to the west and follow Ubud street. Then, you can enter to right exactly on small way to Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa.

Start Point of Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk
  1. The Start Point from North

It is located at Bangkiang Sidem Street, Kelusa Village, Payangan District. You can drive to follow to the southern end of the street.

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Tips When Visiting

Start Point to Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk - Via @pinterest/Omnivagant

When visiting, make sure you bring a packed meal or mineral water because you will not see stalls along the ridge walk.

Okay, that’s as short descriptions about Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk. When do you plan to visit?

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