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Check Here! The Latest Price of Atv Ride Package in Ubud

Do you search for the latest price list of Atv Ride Adventure in Ubud-Bali? Here, we provide some atv adventure packages at affordable price and include complete facilities and services (All-Inclusive).

ATV Ride Packages Price:

  • Single Adventure Package: IDR 350.000 /pax (one person)
  • Tandem Adventure Package: IDR 500.000 /pax (two persons)

Both packages include:

  1. Full safety equipment (a helm and gumboots)
  2. Experienced instructor (adventure guide)
  3. Atv riding adventure (approximately 2 hours)
  4. Locker, Shower Room, and Change Room
  5. Lunch

The single adventure package offers one quad bike for one person and the tandem package offers one quad bike for two persons. We will serve to pick up around Ubud. For others area, you can discuss with us first.

The pick-up and return back service will be in a cozy car with air conditioner facility and be accompanied by a professional driver. Meanwhile, the lunch part follows after finishing the adventure to recharge your energy.

The Most Thrilling Spot with 5 Kinds of tracks

Our atv riding spot is located in Silakarang – Ubud, where it offers 5 kinds of tracks namely: rice field, villages, river track, bamboo forest, and special jungle off-road track.

Every track offers each difficulty level, get ready to maneuver along wet and muddy terrains particularly on the small jungle where you must conquer some challenging obstacles of mud puddle that sometimes make the wheels of atv get stuck.

A few steep terrains as uphill and downhill must be also conquered here. You should be careful and always listen to follow the instruction of the guide if haven’t experienced because the terrains can overturn your atv bike.

ATV Ride Family Ubud

Perhaps you get a trouble along track route, you can ask the guide to help. Our guide will be always ready to motive you.

Some equipment such as a helm and gumboots are also required to wear during the adventure for safe experience. The equipment is already prepared in the spot. So, you don’t need to bring it.

Bali ATV Riding in Ubud

Besides challenging tracks, the spot also has beautiful sceneries that impress your eyes along the route. Particularly when you happen to adventure on day before harvest seasons, then you may see the greenest view of rice paddy field.

Some famers usually exist and work in the field by traditional equipment such as cutting and cleaning wild grasses besides rice paddies plants.

Bali ATV Quad Bike Ubud

When you ride to go through the village, you will see a holy temple where the local people usually visit to worship the manifestation of the God particularly on holy days.

You can ask the guide stop for a moment if you want to take some photos in the background of the beautiful sceneries.

Differences between Single Package and Tandem

ATV Riding in Ubud Village

Some people are probably still confused about what the difference between single package and tandem package. You can check it below.

  • The single package means one quad bike for one person, and is recommended for those who want an experience as a solo rider.
  • The tandem package means one quad bike for two persons (a couple). It is a good choice for those who want to take a partner or a child to join the adventure.

Particularly in the tandem package, the child from 7 years old and also those who haven’t be able to ride can join as a passenger and sit at the back. Therefore, the tandem package is often chosen as family atv ride package.

What to Bring

Excitement in Bali ATV Ride

For supporting your adventure experience, you should bring some mandatory items as follows.

  1. Sunblock

Prepare and bring sunblock anytime you want to join in atv riding adventure because outdoor tracks require your skin contact with radiation of sun and make it burnt. Apply it on your skin a few minutes before riding atv.

  1. Sunglass

Sunglass may prevent your eyes become dazzled of sunlight. So, you shouldn’t forget to prepare this item before adventuring.

  1. Camera

There are some stunning sceneries and exciting moments that you will get during adventure. Bring a camera to capture them into photos or video records. It is advised to facilitate your camera with waterproof covers.

  1. Change of Clothes

Bring also a set of extra clothes for changing. It can be worn after finishing adventure and taking a shower.


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