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Is the Bali Swing Safe? Know the Facts of the Accident Here

Some of you may have glimpsed images who display the popular Bali swing activity, on social media platform.

The swings have extreme height levels start from 10 meter, 15 meter, and even 20 meters.

They aren’t like swings that generally exist in playground, but it seems more like a board that will make feel flying in the sky.

However, some of peoples probably discourage to try it because the swing looks so risky and like inviting an accident.

Translate ke Bahasa Indonesia: Apakah Wisata Ayunan di Bali Cukup Aman? Mari Simak Di Sini!

Perhaps you also get question; is the Bali swing safe? We considered it safe as long as you know some the following tips.

  1. Choose a Good Swing Spot

    Bali Swing Spot in Ubud

There are many providers of swing activity in Bali, most of them can be got in Ubud area.

Before you decide to try swing activity, make sure you remember to check visitor reviews of each spot on tripadvisor (or other platform).

In addition, the good spot usually has licensed and decent safety equipment and Insurance, which all those can be asked on providers.

  1. Apply Safety Equipment Properly

    Bali Swing Ubud Accident

When you have got a good swing spot, make sure you also apply safety equipment properly before boarding swing.

The application of the equipment is usually accompanied by the guide or staff of the swing spots.

  1. Obey Every Instruction of Guide

    A Man Boarding the Extreme Swing

During the swing activity, it’s very advised to you not be reckless because the swings are really risky.

You should always obey every instruction of the guide or instructors. It’s important to get safe experience.

Well, above are all things you must know before trying. Have a safe and fun experience!

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