Bali White Water Rafting Tour

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White Water Rafting Bali Tour is an outdoor activity that will challenge you in navigation along hidden river route in the island.

The navigation is about 12 kilometers and takes approximately 2.5 hours on an inflatable boat while holding a paddle.

Rafting at Ayung River Bali

You will conquer the rapid and cascade while seeing stunning panorama of forest, waterfall, and carving stone along the route.

Meanwhile, your tour will also be accompanied by a professional guide and equipped all safe equipment.


Bali Rafting Tour Price

Number of Participants

Price per person

2 Persons

IDR 325.000 per person

3 Persons

IDR 235.000 per person

4 Persons

IDR 185.000 per person

5 Persons

IDR 175.000 per person

6 Persons

IDR 150.000 per person



  • Include Lunch
  • Private Boat (Not shared with other participants)
  • Not included transport service




  • Professional guide
  • Safety Equipment
  • Rafting (Approx. 2,5 hours)
  • Shower and change room
  • lunch


What to Bring:

  • Payment (voucher or cash)
  • Short or swimming gear
  • Change of Cloth
  • Sport shoes/Sandal
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof Camera (Optional)
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