Bali Single ATV Riding and Rafting Tour

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Single Bali Atv Ride Rafting Package is a combination activities tour which offers many exciting experiences of ATV Adventure and River Rafting.

First activity, the tour will take you to try the excitement of rafting go in hidden challenging river. We will do a fun navigation along river route on an inflatable boat while holding paddles.

It is so thrilling when conquering some cascades and rapids, you may witness a few stunning view of waterfall and lush green forest in the side of rivers.

Thereafter, we will take a break while enjoying a lunch, whereupon tour will be continued to another activity, that’s Single ATV Adventure.

The activity will involve you in a thrilling exploration along wet and muddy land terrain on powerful quad bike with a helm and gumboots.

Not only that, you will also get through a few beautiful nature points as rice fields, forest, plantations, and even waterfall.

Meanwhile, the tour also includes many conveniences and supporting facilities to make your adventure become more comfortable and safer as below it.


Bali ATV Riding Tour Price




Single ATV Package

IDR 250.000

1 ATV 1 Persons

Tandem ATV Package

IDR 350.000

1 ATV 2 Persons


  • Included Safety Equipment and Guide
  • Not Included Lunch and Transport


Bali Rafting Tour Price

Number of Participants

Price per person

Bali Rafting Package for 2 Persons

IDR 325.000 per person

Bali Rafting Package for 3 Persons

IDR 235.000 per person

Bali Rafting Package for 4 Persons

IDR 185.000 per person

Bali Rafting Package for 5 Persons

IDR 175.000 per person

Bali Rafting Package for 6 Persons

IDR 150.000 per person


  • Include Lunch
  • Private Boat (Not shared with other participants)
  • Not included transport service



  • Safety equipment
  • Professional guide (ATV Riding and Rafting)
  • Single quad bike adventure (approximately 2 hours)
  • Rafting adventure (approximately 2.5 hours)
  • Shower and change room


What to Bring

  • Payment (Voucher or Cash)
  • Short or swimming gear
  • Change of clothes (a set)
  • Sport shoe/Sandal
  • Sunscreen
  • Pocket Camera (Optional)
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