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When vacationing to Bali island, there are many fun activities that can do as a rafting or also well known as white water rafting.

Bali rafting adventure is an outdoor activity that be held along a river route on an inflatable boat to navigate.

The boat is usually sat by a small group that consists of 4 – 5 rafters and also a guide.

Every of them will wear a helm and life jacket for safety and also hold each paddle that functions as for pushing and controlling direction of the boat.

Along the route, the rafters will conquer obstacles as challenging rapids, a heavy stream, cascades, and also gaps of big rock.

Every river route has different difficulty level and can be divided into 6 classes as explained below.

6 Classifications of River Difficulty Levels

Rafting in Bali River - Photo by @kellapermanaputra

In general, there are 6 classifications of river difficulty levels that you should know before go rafting. The classes are:

  • River Class I: Easy

The class is suitable for the beginner or those who have no experience before, because of easy river level and just need a basic paddling skill.

  • River Class II: Novice

The class II generally offers a river route with large rocks therein. The participant is required to have a basic skill of paddling and maneuvering.

  • River Class III: Intermediate

The class III offers a river route with larger rocks, small waves, and cascades (maximal 4 meters) along it. The participant is required to have basic skill of paddling and maneuvering and also take a guide.

  • River Class IV: Advanced

The river in class IV offers medium stream and waves, large rocks, and cascades (maximal 6 meters). It requires participant to have reliable skill of maneuvering and takes a professional guide.

  • River Class V: Expert

The river in class V offers many large rocks, heavy wave and stream, and very high cascades. Hence, it need the participant with expert skills of maneuvering and is not recommended for the beginner to join.

  • River Class VI: Extreme

The difficulty level of river in class VI is truly extreme and unexpected.

All rafting tour operators will not enter this level into tour package because of too dangerous and impossible to conquer even a professional once.

2 Popular Rafting Spots in Bali

Navigate along Ayung River Rafting - Photo by @d.a.p.h.y

Perhaps you plan to do rafting in Bali island, there are 2 popular spots that you may choose namely:

  1. Ayung Rafting Spot, a river that is located in Ubud Area, Gianyar Regency.
  2. Telaga Waja Spot, another river that is located in Muncan Village, Karangasem Regency (the eastern of island).

Then, which one is worth trying? Let’s find out each comparison of the both in the following.

Ayung River vs Telaga Waja River

There are some differences that exist between Ayung River and Telaga Waja River as below!

1. Long Route

Rafting at Ubud River - Photo by @pinterest

Ayung River has a long route about 10 kilometers which take 1.5 hour - 2 hours to finish the rafting activity.

While, Telaga Waja river is longer than route of Ayung River. It is about 16 kilometers and will take 2.5 hours to finish it.

2. Difficulty Levels

A group of rafter on inflatable boat - Photo by @arjana_leo

Ayung River is categorized into classes II – III which offers some large rocks, small waves, medium streams, and cascades (under 4 meters).

While Telaga Waja River is categorized into classes II – IV which offers some large rocks, medium stream and waves, and cascades (under 6 meters).

3. Access from Lobby to Start Point

Rafting Adventure in Bali Nature

Access from lobby to riverbank (start point) at Ayung River will require you to walk down long footpath with many stairs.

While the access of start point at Telaga Waja River is so near from its lobby and don’t need to walk down many stairs.

So, the river access at Telaga Waja River can be said easier than Ayung River.

4. Beauty of Nature

Carving Art at Ayung River

Ayung River is so special because you will not only get rafting experience but may also see other attractiveness.

The attractiveness is stretches of carving ornaments along sides of river bank. The ornaments are about 300 meters stretch, illustrate regarding the figures in Ramayana Story, and created by 50 local artists.

The route is also surrounded by lush nature as many green tropical tree that you may witness along sides of river.

Meanwhile, Telaga Waja River is located far from the urban so that its nature is still unspoiled.

Along the route, your eyesight will be impressed by the beauty of nature around such as: rice field and small forest.


Ayung River is more recommended for you who want to do easier rafting adventure while seeing the uniqueness of carving ornaments.

And Telaga Waja River is more recommended for those who want to have more challenging and longer rafting spot with unspoiled nature surround.

What Should Bring Before Rafting

he Rafters and Guide in the River of Bali - Photo by @byandjr

After finding out the comparison between Ayung River and Telaga Waja River, that’s time to know about what preparation you should bring in rafting tour as below.

  • Change of cloth, bring a set of t-shirt and pants as for a change after rafting.
  • Sunblock, to avoiding burnt skin during the activity.
  • Waterproof Camera, to capture all fun moment during rafting into photos and videos record.

All preparation above may be prepared from house. Then, what is about the safety equipment? As a helm, a life jacket, elbows and knees pads are usually included in Bali rafting tour package.

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