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Walter Spies and the Popularity of Bali Island in the World

Bali Island always become a favorite spot nowadays for the tourist during holiday. Its popularity had been known since the 1930 as time of arrival of the influential artist to Bali, one of them is Walter Spies.

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The Influential Germany Artist in Bali

Walter Spies - source: wikipedia.com

Walter Spies was a Germany primitivist painter, born on September 15th 1895 in Moscow, Rusia. When he was young, he lived in Germany with his parent and had an interest of painting and music.

In 1923, he visited Java (Indonesia) and decided to live in Yogyakarta. In the city, he spent time to establish close relations with the aristocrats of the palace and learnt gamelan (Javanese Traditional Instrument) instead of painting.

One of his famous painting in that time entitled “Laterna Magica”, which was considered to mark the transition between European painting styles and his preoccupation with Asian exoticism.

Invitation by Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati

Walter Spies The Landscape and Her Children - Pinterest Image by @imgur

In 1925, for the first time, Walter Spies came to Bali on invitation by Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati, a nobleman in Ubud. His arrival was entertained at Ubud Palace and invited to talk about art with the nobleman.

The first visit left a deep impression to him so that he decided to move and live in Bali, 1927. For the time being, he stay at Ubud Palace. Then, Tjokorda Gde Raka Sukawati allowed him to build a house in Campuhan, Ubud.

Walter Spies’s Famous Painting Works

Walter Spies Painting Works - Pinterest Image by @gaspar gaspar

While lived in Bali, Walter Spies made some famous painting works, namely: Balinese Legend (1929), Buyansee (1934), A View from the Heights (1934), and Mountains and Pond (1938).

His painting works increased Bali Island’s popularity in the world and started to draw attention of many foreigner to visit Bali Island. Even, he became a tour guide for every visitor.

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