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4 Tips When Visting Ubud Monkey Forest Safely

Is Ubud Monkey Forest Safe? Some of people probably get this question when will visit the Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Visiting the monkey forest is considered safe if you don’t be reckless and know the trigger of a monkey attack.

The following are some tips for visiting the monkey forest safely.

  1. Avoid Using Over-Accessories

    A Nozy Monkey in Ubud Forest

When visiting it, you should take off your accessories such as a necklace, bracelet, and earring because all those are generally sparkling and preferred by the monkeys.

It may surely interest to the monkeys to seize from you. Hence, you should put and keep all accessories in the car before entering the forest area.

  1. Avoid Looking at the Monkey Eyes

    A Monkey in Ubud Forest

Looking at the eyes means a threat by the monkeys to attack you. Therefore, avoid doing it during visiting in the forest.

Especially when taking your children, make sure you always remind them to look at the monkey eyes to prevent a fatal attack.

  1. Avoid Touching the Monkeys

    A Little Monkey in Ubud Monkey

Some of the monkeys probably look so funny to hold particularly the little monkeys. However, you shouldn’t avoid touching them because their parents will be angry and may attack you.

The monkey parents always look after their children. So, don’t try to approach and hold them.

  1. Avoid Shouting If Monkeys Attack

    Funny Behavior of Monkey in Ubud

Need to remember, although you already avoid three rules above, sometimes the monkeys still come and become nosy to you as pulling your hair.

If it happens, you shouldn’t run or shout loudly because it may make more monkeys to attack you such as a group attack.

Things to do when it happens is being calm until the monkeys leave you.

Okay, those are all tips to remember when you plan to visit to Ubud Monkey Forest. Have a safe tour.