Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Instabali, an activity package provider for quad bike adventure in Ubud. The best site to get adventure tour package with amazing tracks and impressive sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our adventure package is affordable and offers a lot of thrilling experiences to you. In the adventure, we will ride a quad bike to conquer some challenging obstacles along natural route with wet, muddy, and steep track. The route also gets through some stunning spots namely rice fields, a village, river tracks, a bamboo forest, and also a small jungle.

Conquer Challenging Tracks While Seeing Stunning Sceneries

Imagine how so exciting when pushing accelerator on a powerful quad bike to conquer wet, muddy, and steep terrains. It really pumps adrenaline rush. As long as adventure, your eyes will be impressed by stunning sceneries of a beautiful rural point, green forest, and rice paddies.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes quad bike (during 1.5 hours), safety equipment, professional guide, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage. Let’s explore beauty of the island in a fun and different way.


  • Single ATV IDR 350.000
  • Tandem ATV IDR 500.000
Note: the single package means one quad bike for one person, while the tandem means one quad bike for two persons.


  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional Instructor (Guide)
  3. Quad Bike Riding (1.5 Hours)
  4. Locker, Shower, Change Room


Personal Expense

What to Bring

  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Extra cash money

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

The Safest Place to Ride ATV in Bali

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The atv adventure is currently quite popular and is loved by the public. Especially in Bali, this adventure is being sought after by tourists. For beginners, maybe still a little afraid to try this vehicle.

Well, a very suitable location for beginners is in Silakarang Village. Right on the road. Raya Singapadu, Singapadu Kaler, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

The safest place to Ride ATV in Bali is in Silakarang. With the terrain that is not difficult enough, make the beginners will feel happy and not afraid.

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The Routes To Be Passed

ATV Riding in Ubud Village
  1. Rice fields

Riding an ATV easily while enjoying a row of rice fields that began to turn yellow. With a gentle breeze, it will make you even more fun traveling around using the ATV.

  1. Rural

Traveling around the village of Silakarang using an ATV creates its own sensation. Seeing the activities of villagers passing by and seeing the friendliness of residents around increasingly makes the trip pass quickly.

  1. Forest

The forest surrounded by bamboo trees and the sound of birds rumbling and nature sounds that make you increasingly enjoy this adventure.

  1. Small River

You will also pass the river with a fairly swift flow of water and some fairly steep rocks. But, don't worry, the terrain is not difficult. You just need to keep your balance so you don't fall.

  1. Wet and Muddy Track

Well, this is a terrain that might be quite difficult. Here you will get dirty, you will run into wet, slippery and muddy roads. This route will make your vacation experience something different.

For The Beginners, There Are Some Tricks To Using ATV

Excitement in Bali ATV Ride
  1. Operate the accelerator using the thumb lever, don't use the handlebar.
  2. When going to turn right, then ATV leaning to the left. Conversely, if going to turn left eating ATV leaning to the right.
  3. When passing through a steep road, the body should fight the tilt of the motor. If your body does not fight, the ATV might turned upsdie down
  4. When the ATV is already upside down, never lower your foot, but just jump from the ATV that you drive. If you put your foot down, your foot will certainly be broken by a wheel.

Here, you will also get several facilities which will certainly make you more comfortable

Riding ATV around Ubud Countryside
  1. Complete Equipment

Before riding an ATV, you will get a helmet and gumboots.

  1. Lunch

No need to worry about hungry. After you are tired of going around the ATV, you will immediately be treated to a super delicious lunch.

  1. Insurance

If you have an accident while adventuring, you will get medical insurance costs from the parties concerned.

  1. Experienced guides

In addition, you will also be accompanied by a guide who has experience in the ATV field. You will be guided on how to use the right ATV and will also be explained about the routes you pass. So, you will not go alone.

  1. Bath

Getting around using an ATV will definitely make your body smell and sweat. Here also provided a bathroom complete with towels.

Why do you need to choose Silakarang as the main destination for ATV tours?

Bali ATV Riding in Ubud
  1. Cheap Rental Prices

Bali as a tourist icon certainly offers a variety of tours with various price variants from cheap to expensive. Well, in the Village of Silakarang this is arguably quite cheap with the adventure offered and also the satisfaction obtained

  1. Having a Professional Guide

In doing tours, of course you want to know about the operational of riding ATV. In this place, a very professional guide is not provided. Guaranteed you will feel satisfied with the service provided by the guide.

  1. Natural Scenery

ATV tour in difficult terrain may be familiar, but ATV tour while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery is very extraordinary. Enjoying nature will make your mind clear and healthy again.

  1. Long Enough Time

Traveling within 1 to 2 hours by paying a fairly affordable rent will make you feel very satisfied and will not be disappointed at all.

  1. A different Adventure Experience

Create your vacation experience differently, usually you vacation to relax. For this time try the ATV rides that are quite extreme and no less fun with other rides.

  1. Pleasant Service

One of the satisfaction of tourists in a vacation is how to treat tourists to their visitors. The ATV Silakarang tour places great emphasis on friendly and courteous service. So, no need to worry. Whoever the visitors are will certainly be given the same and also friendly service.

Bali ATV Quad Bike Ubud

For your convenience to enjoy this ATV rides, there are also some things that must be prepared so that your vacation is more enjoyable.

  1. Bring A Change Of Clothes

It can be imagined if you ride ATV on wet and muddy tracks, the clothes you wear will also definitely get muddy. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes so that your vacation is more comfortable.

  1. Sunscreen Cream

Not funny right after you play ATV your face instead becomes charred and not healthy anymore? well, before riding, you need to smear your face and body using sunscreen.

  1. Glasses

With Bali's hot weather, it is recommended that when you go around you use sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun radiation and glare.

  1. Shoes

We recommend that if you want to use the ATV, you need to use safety shoes. The point is to protect your feet from the steep road and wheels from the ATV which are quite heavy and hard.

  1. Camera

This millennial age has been confirmed to be anything that is enshrined with a camera. Moreover, this different experience, you must carry your camera or cellphone. Make this ATV tour as one of your Instagram feeds!

  1. Mental Readiness

This is the most important and the main thing besides the things above, if you are scared first you should not play this vehicle. The reason, instead of going to be fun will make you wretched. Therefore, you should prepare a strong mental beforehand so that you can enjoy this vehicle.

Ubud ATV Adventure in Green Forest

For those of you who are confused and don't know where to go on vacation, you should try this ATV ride. Plan your vacation with your partner, friends or family, come here!

Do not miss this one tourist destination, if you are traveling to Bali.


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