Bali Quad Bike Adventure

Hi adventurer! We are Instabali, an activity package provider for quad bike adventure in Ubud. The best site to get adventure tour package with amazing tracks and impressive sceneries.

Affordable Package and Thrilling Experiences

Our adventure package is affordable and offers a lot of thrilling experiences to you. In the adventure, we will ride a quad bike to conquer some challenging obstacles along natural route with wet, muddy, and steep track. The route also gets through some stunning spots namely rice fields, a village, river tracks, a bamboo forest, and also a small jungle.

Conquer Challenging Tracks While Seeing Stunning Sceneries

Imagine how so exciting when pushing accelerator on a powerful quad bike to conquer wet, muddy, and steep terrains. It really pumps adrenaline rush. As long as adventure, your eyes will be impressed by stunning sceneries of a beautiful rural point, green forest, and rice paddies.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure, Prices and More Information

Just book one package, you will get all inclusive; good facilities and services to keep your adventure safe and fun. The package includes quad bike (during 1.5 hours), safety equipment, professional guide, shower room, lunch, and insurance coverage. Let’s explore beauty of the island in a fun and different way.


  • Single ATV IDR 350.000
  • Tandem ATV IDR 500.000
Note: the single package means one quad bike for one person, while the tandem means one quad bike for two persons.


  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Professional Instructor (Guide)
  3. Quad Bike Riding (1.5 Hours)
  4. Locker, Shower, Change Room


Personal Expense

What to Bring

  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglass
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Extra cash money

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment with other currency will be converted based on daily exchange rate
  • Minimum booking is 2 persons

Only Here! ATV Adventure for Children in Bali is Guaranteed Safe

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Playing ATV might sound like an extreme sport. However, it turns out, can also be played by children, you know! Currently, children between the ages of eight and twelve can join in the adventure. If your child is interested in riding this atv bike, please come to join at spots in Bali.

Well, Bali Island is the most optimal place to train children to love extreme sports. Because, the island is famous for having stunning natural panorama. So, in addition to getting children to exercise in the location, you can also introduce them to the wild.

Translate ke Bahasa Indonesia: Hanya Di Tempat Ini Main ATV untuk Anak Di Bali Terjamin Keamanannya!

Bali ATV Quad Bike Ubud

Playing ATV for children in Bali, of course, must be done with full supervision by parents. Because, children are still not too strong in terms of energy to operate the atv bike on difficult terrain.

Silakarang Village is the right location to be chosen as the arena to play ATV for children in Bali. Because, located in the lowlands, so, the track is not too extreme as in the highlands. Even so, the track to be traversed is quite challenging.

Playing ATV May Influences Children's Intelligence

Bali ATV Riding in Ubud

Bali ATV Adventure is very popular with children because they are very fun. In addition, there are several benefits that will be obtained by children who like to ride ATV.

  1. Train children's memory
  2. Train the strength of the hand muscles
  3. Practice concentration of thought
  4. Nourish the heart
  5. Helps the intelligence of children, especially in the speed of thinking and taking action
  6. Sharpen the view
  7. Mentally train children

Tips to Play ATV for Children in Bali Safer

Ubud ATV Riding Tour

At present, ATV vehicle manufacturers have been producing ATVs for all ages. Of course everything is based on the engine variant and also its size. ATV was deliberately designed to be able to bulldoze various fields. Although classified as extreme sports, however, playing ATV for children in Bali can still be done, as long as it meets several regulations such as:

  1. Pay Attention to Safety

Riding an ATV has many benefits for your little one. However, what must come first is safety. For that, complete all safety features for children. Ranging from protective glasses, gloves, and special shoes to deal with all kinds of driving conditions.

  1. Remain Under the Parental Supervision

Another thing that should not be missed when playing ATV for children in Bali is parental supervision. For that, you must always accompany the children while riding. Well, while accompanying, of course you get entertainment too right?

Tandem ATV Ride Ubud
  1. Use The ATV Bike With Engines Less Than 90 cc

ATV was originally a vehicle that can streamline the garden. However, as it develops, ATVs are increasingly popular for challenging sports. For adults, no problem using an ATV with any engine size. However, for children, it should be no more than 90 cc. Therefore, the use of engines larger than 90 cc is not recommended for motorists under the age of 12 years.

  1. Doing Exercise and Warming Up First

As the initial activity before Riding an ATV for adults is to warm up first. So, children are also required to do it. This is useful so that the possibility of injury to children will be reduced.

If before, your child has never ridden ATV Bike, then follow the training before starting to operate. With it, the children will be able to perform basic techniques in driving an ATV. When the activity is carried out, the child will be more agile.

ATV Adventure Spot for Children

ATV Ride Activity in Ubud Bali

Bali has a number of locations that can be used to play ATV. However, one of the best spots is in Silakarang Village, Ubud. This village is a low-lying area, so the ATV tracks are not as extreme as in the highlands. Obstacles are suitable for children.

Well, the ATV adventure spot located in Silakarang Village will pass several places which include:

  1. Green Rice Fields

Green rice fields may be a new sight for children who come from urban areas. At the same time it can be an alternative holiday and fun education. Because, the children can know firsthand the different landscapes between urban and rural areas.

That way, children's experiences and insights will be even broader. By looking at community activities in the fields, the children can also learn about agro-tourism.

  1. Beautiful Village

Bali is a location that still maintains tradition and religion. This uniqueness will become new knowledge for children. So, they can be more tolerant of the differences that exist. Well, playing ATV in Bali will pass through the countryside which is still traditional and beautiful.

Children will also play and learn about the rich culture of Indonesia.

ATV Ride Family Ubud
  1. River Track and Bamboo Forest

After passing through rice fields and villages, the children will also be invited to export nature by going along the river. It has become the nature of children to love water rides. Using ATVs and passing river tracks will definitely be a lot of fun. It is a paradise of pleasure for children.

  1. Muddy and Steep Off-Road Lane

Although it is quite difficult and dirty, children also love mud. Successfully passing this track will be their own achievement. Well, on this off-road course, of course as a parent, you must always supervise children. At the same time warned him to remain careful and stabilize the speed of speed.

ATV Riding Tour Package for Children in Bali

Ubud ATV Adventure in Green Forest

It is time to invite children to return to nature. You do this by inviting them to play ATV in Bali. Well, to be able to operate the ATV, you should use a tour package that we offer. Because, in one package, you have got several facilities which include:

  1. Use of ATV
  2. Safety equipment in the form of helmet and gumboots
  3. Professional guides
  4. Shower room

With all these facilities, you don't need to bother to prepare or rent separate security equipment and shower rooms. We already provide it, you can immediately use. Now, as a bonus, you can get the services of a trusted and professional guide so that you are under expert supervision.

Ride ATV in Ubud Village

Although we have prepared a complete service, but, there are some personal items that must be brought alone for reasons of comfort. Among them:

  1. Sunscreen cream to reduce the bad effects of direct sun radiation.
  2. Change of clothes, to wear after completing the activity.
  3. Glasses to protect the eye area from tree branches that might hurt.
  4. Camera for spot to capture amazing moment.

Inviting children to do extreme sports, why not? There are many benefits that will be obtained by the Little One. Well, for that, please join our ATV tour package that is guaranteed safe, comfortable, complete, and inexpensive. What are you waiting for, set your vacation schedule from now on!


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