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All Information You Should Know Before Having Bali Quad Canyon Tubing

Bali Quad Canyon Tubing is a combination of adventures tour which will offer many memorable experiences and excitements.

The Adventures will involve you to explore and navigate in a point of fascinating nature which is full of challenges and beautiful vista that may impress your sight.

The activities are really recommended to have especially for those who are interested to fulfill the holiday with friends or family in worthy pleasure.

What to Expect in Bali Quad Canyon Tubing

There are many things you will get in Bali Quad Canyon Tubing Adventure. Perhaps you are getting curious about what can be expected there, let’s find out more detail below!

  1. Quad Bike Riding, An Exploration on Muddy and Dirty Track

Bali Quad Bike

Bali Quad bike adventure is also known as ATV riding tour by some peoples, which it will challenge you to conquer sundry obstacles of land tracks as muddy routes and steep ways as like in an off-road track.

The adventure track usually take place in outdoor area such as: the forests, rice fields, small rivers, and even tunnels and it all will be conquered on a powerful quad bike (All-Terrain vehicles).

It is categorized into extreme activity consequently every riders will be required to use safety equipment such as a helm and gumboots before starting.

The guides are also prepared to lead the adventure in front and back lines and they also will tell and teach the participants about a few techniques and instructions.

Bali Atv Ubud

For choices of quad bike adventure packages in Bali, there are two kinds which you can have namely:

  • Single Quad Bike, a package which will offer you a solo riding experience which a quad bike will ride by a person.
  • Tandem Quad Bike, another choice which is decent for you who want to enjoy atv riding with a partner alternately (a quad bike is ridden by two persons).

Meanwhile, only adults (18 years olds) who are allowed to ride it in single package and younger persons (12 years old and above) can join in tandem riding as a passenger.

If you are looking for a quad bike adventure in easy level, it can be got in adventure spots near Ubud Area namely: Silakarang and Payangan.

  1. Canyon Tubing, An Exciting Navigation Along Unspoiled River

Bali Tubing Canyon

Perhaps you ever heard a rafting activity, Bali Canyon Tubing is very similar to the activity which will involve you in navigating along a river route with a rather calm streams.

The navigation will use an inflatable boat (like an inner tube) which has a smaller size than in rafting. The boat are usually boarded by only two persons maximal.

Every tubers will be required to control their boat and follow the river flow without a boat paddle. Each boat usually has a hand grips on the sides which are held while lying down during navigating.

The long of tubing routes are approximately 6 kilometers (varies in every spots) and will take about 1 - 2 hours.

Bali Tubing Activity

Along the route, you will see sundry beauty of nature such as cascades, a small forest, and cliffs which are overgrown by green wild plants.

For safety, you will be also required to use specific equipment such as:

  • Life Jacket, prevent sinking if the boat is upside down in the river.
  • The helm, to protect head of an unexpected bumps particularly rocks.

The professional guides are also prepared to lead the activity and help the participants if problem occurs.

As quad bike adventure above, there are 2 choices of tubing activities which you can choose as single and tandem. The children (under 10 years old) are required joined in tandem tubing.

Adventure While Enjoying Nature View

Bali Atv Riding

Both adventures take places in nature spots. Hence, you may have a lot of fun experiences while enjoying the soothing situation in unspoiled nature.

ATV tracks features more for green scenery of small green forest such as the rice fields, the forests, and even the rural. While, tubing route offers fabulous vistas on the side of river such as: wondrous cascade, great cliff, and also authentic rocks.

All those is possible seen and impress eyes while conquering each thrilling obstacles throughout the adventure.

Besides that, you maybe also see much exciting and unexpected moments in the spot, make sure you remember to bring an action camera so that not lose all those.

The camera which should be brought is a type especially because you must contact in water of tubing activity. So, the camera type will let you to capture more adventure moments.

Things You Must Remember Before Having Activities

Bali Atv Riding

Although the activities sounds truly exciting, there are few things you should remember before having them and get a fun and pleasant experiences.

  • Have a Breakfast or Lunch

Both of the adventures above offers a lot of challenges and obstacles which are really possible to spend much energy in conquering.

Hence, you should have an enough breakfast or lunch to fill your energy before adventuring. If not have it, your body will not be powerful or even fainted because of too limp.

  • Don’t Drink Alcohol Beverages

As we maybe know that alcoholic beverages can cause hangover effect such as beers and whiskey.

Avoid to drink it if you will plan to try activities above because of making your adventure become bad. Hangover effect will make you lose of control during the activity and can be unlucky.

  • Have a Proper Preparation

Then, you should also bring helpful and proper preparations in your bag from home. The preparations are sunblock (protect the skin from radiation of sun), change of clothes (wear after adventuring), sunglass (prevent glare and eyes irritation due to dust), and also money (pay tour package).

Meanwhile, the breakfast or lunch are also included in the tour package and usually served after the adventure. Whether, you can ask for it on adventure service provider when booking the packages.

So, are you interested to try Bali Quad Bike and Canyon Tubing Activities during holiday?

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