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Join in Bali Atv Ride Family – Start From IDR 350K for 2 Persons

Vacation in Bali with family is indeed delightful because it allows us to spend time and have fun together. However, some persons probably feel confused of what things to do in holiday.

Here, we will give you the best recommendation of things to do on your family holiday! That’s “Bali ATV Ride Adventure”, an exciting outdoor activity that involve you and family in a fun exploration by using ATV (also known as quad bike).

The exploration will be done in thrilling route with challenging tracks and impressive panorama. You can join us by booking a special family adventure package for more amazing adventure experience.

In the package, we already prepare all that you need for adventure as a Transport Service, Safety Equipment, Professional Instructors, Outdoor Activity (Approximately 2 Hours), Locker, Shower Room, Change Room, Lunch, and Insurance Coverage.

The Most Challenging Tracks

Bali ATV Quad Bike Ubud

Spot of the atv adventure is located in Ubud Countryside, where it offers the most challenging tracks that may pump your adrenaline rush. Here, we will ride quad bike and get through a route with a river track, a bamboo forest, and a small jungle.

Three of the tracks have wet, muddy, and also steep terrains where you must get ready to maneuver on the quad bike. Maybe you also get a trouble along the tracks, as examples are your wheels of quad bike get stuck in mud puddle or get difficulty in climbing on uphill way.

ATV Ride Family Ubud

All above sometimes makes us hopeless. But, you shouldn’t worry it because your adventure will be accompanied by some professional instructors who are always ready to motive along the adventure.

Impressive Panoramas along the Route

Bali ATV Riding in Ubud

The adventure spot doesn’t only offer challenging tracks but also impressive panorama. Along route, you will also see and get through rice fields and a traditional village.

The rice fields are owned by the villagers. The route of the adventure goes through path between the rice fields. The famers who work by using traditional equipment in the fields are unique moments that you watch here.

Ride ATV in Ubud Village

If you happen to adventure on day before harvest seasons, then the most amazing view can be got there. The rice fields will offer the greenest scenery which may take off your eyes.

You can even stop for a moment if want to take a picture in background of the rice fields.

Meanwhile, the village will give an opportunity to see a temple and few routine of local life as an example is “mebanten saiban”, a religious ritual that is usually done after cooking in every morning.

The local will put a few Balinese offerings (consist white rice and side dishes on pieces of banana leaf) on the holy place as an expression of thank to the God.

Reasons Why Choose the ATV Adventure for Family Activity

Ubud ATV Riding Tour

The following are some reasons why you should try the atv adventure for family activity.

  1. Suitable for Beginners

The atv adventure doesn’t require a professional riding skill or experiences. Everyone can join here! Don’t be worried if you are still a beginner because the route is designed for the novice and professional instructors who will accompany during the adventure.

Before riding, every participant will wear a helm and gumboots (included in the package) and do a simulation of basic riding techniques by the guides for safety.

  1. Children Can Join

Not only adults, the children from 7 years old are also allowed to join in the adventure. They can sit at the back of the rider as a passenger. The adventure in nature will surely give a new experience to them.

Along route, you can tell us about situation in the forest, the river, the rice field, and also the village. They really learn many new things here. Meanwhile, taking children to join definitely create more memorable memories into your family holiday

ATV Adventure Packages Price

ATV Ride Activity in Ubud Bali

There are two packages that you can choose for family activity, as follows.

  • Single Package: IDR 350k (one quad bike for one person)
  • Tandem Package: IDR 500k (one quad bike for two persons)

Both packages include:

  1. Hotel Transfer
  2. Safety Equipment (a helm and gumboots)
  3. Professional Instructors
  4. Outdoor Activity (Approx. 2 Hours)
  5. Locker, Shower Room, Change Rom
  6. Lunch
  7. Insurance Coverage

Note: bring change of clothes, sunblock, sunglass, and a camera to support your experience.

Just tell us when you and family want to have fun in atv adventure, then our driver will be ready to pick up at the place where stay. Please, contact us via below for booking or asking any questions.

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